Aberdare Estates HOA

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Frequently Asked Question's



What are the HOA dues and when are they due?

Per page 8, section 2, of the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (aberdare ccr's) HOA dues have been determined to be $500.00 for each year (dues subject to change) which are typically due in the Spring of each year.

How do I obtain an assessment letter?

You may send your written request with $50 administration fee made payable to Aberdare Estates HOA to: Aberdare Estates HOA

495 N. Riverside Drive, Suite 210

Gurnee, IL  60031


I am closing on my home are there any transfer fees?

Yes, upon each sale or transfer of any lot there shall be paid to the Association a sum equal to one-half of the current amount for annual Association dues.  Please have the title company issue a check at the closing to the Association for $250 (dues subject to change) to cover this initial or transfer fee.

I would like to get involved, when is the next meeting?

Annual meetings are held in March of every year, the association will send out notices to all Aberdare homeowners with the exact date and time prior to the meeting.


How do I file a complaint? 

If you have a complaint that you feel needs to be addressed by the Board, please follow the procedures listed below. The board meets on a regular basis and will meet on an emergency basis if necessary to assure a prompt resolution to any conflict that may come to our attention.

  1. Provide your complaint to the Board in writing, including a description of how you yourself have attempted to address the issue prior to submission.
  2. The written complaint must reference which Article and Section of the Aberdare Estates Codes & Covenants you feel are in voilation.
  3. The written complaint must outline your expected resolution of this issue.
  4. The written complaint must be dated, signed and forwarded to the Board at PO Box 443, Gurnee, IL 60031 or info@aberdareestates.org.


Do I have to get approval for any exterior architectural changes I would like to make to my home?

Yes, all construction requires architectural approval, which is a responsibility of the board.  Before construction, please submit an Architectural Review - Exterior Modification Request Form with plans to any board member.  Review will take place promptly as our goal is to have a 48-hour turn-around time.  Examples of construction that require approval are:

  • Fence and Wall Installation
  • New Construction Landscaping
  • House Additions
  • Patio and Deck Constuction
  • Roof Replacement